Friday, April 17, 2009

I have been reflecting on how we learn that having feeling is not a good thing. Feeling are an important way of detoxing our system, however, ofter when they come up they are not socially acceptable and may need to be repressed for a good reason. This may start a trend or habit of not expressing feelings. Reciently, I witnessed a child having some difficult emotions and then not be able to function to perform and complete projects. The message then is-- If you get up set or have difficult feelings then they get in the way of practicle needs. In a results driven sociaty, this seems to be another way that we may learn to stuff feeling with out any one saying that feeling are not appropriate. They may say " you didn't get your work done"
which then translates to the thought that if one letting feeling arise causes problems. On the contrary feeling left unresolved often can manifest as physical illness or inapropriate behavior.

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